What’s Up With Google+ Local?

A few days ago, Google announced the transition of its Places pages to +Local, a new section of Google Plus. While not totally unexpected, this is a bit of a shakeup for businesses who have been engaged in some sort of local search marketing.

In the few days since its official launch, the rumor and news centers of the Internet have been on overdrive, churning out both excellent summations of the changes, as well as rumor and speculation.

We’ve yet to see exactly how this change will affect local search behavior, or whether or not this will be a boon for engagement, so we can’t make any for-your-business predictions just yet. What we can tell you is this appears to be a primarily lateral move with regards to SEO and a likely positive move for engaging customers with your B2C business. If you’re a B2B business, it’s still wait-and-see.


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